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Cleanroom Tip: Select Cleanroom Doors

Mar. 23, 2021

Cleanroom Tip: Select Cleanroom Doors

The high-speed door plays a key role in maintaining the cleaning operation of the pharmaceutical factory. They are designed to meet environmental control, production efficiency and safety (and cleaning) facilities. In clean room applications, they are used to maintain the correct room pressure, air cycle rate and optimal operational efficiency, and prevent cross-contamination. When the staff can enter and exit, the high operating speed is critical to reducing air infiltration.

The clean room door should comply with CGMP and FDA requirements, highly durable, easy to clean. Specifically, they must be capable of subjected to chemical solvents, and have smooth, hard, non-porous surfaces to resist microorganisms and fungal growth. In order to do this, the material of the door should be corrosion and use a side frame and shroud consisting of stainless steel.

The design should also include a tapered surface and edge to effectively eliminate dust and other contaminants.

Try to avoid the use of exposed fasteners and coils because they take longer to clean and may contain contaminants. If possible, any control box should be installed on the wall of the clean room.

Whether the door of the clean room can adapt to the need for a particular location is another problem that needs to be considered. These requirements may include visual panels, push plates, or other activation devices, and magnetic locks, perhaps the most important thing is the interlock system (air lock). Air locks are provided in the entrance and exit, closing and disengaged areas and material transfer locations. In all of these areas, it is important to keep two doors to open at the same time to prevent air from penetrating from one space to another.

The door of the cleanroom is an interesting factor to consider, because it is a bit easy to determine from the perspective of hygiene. It is in the pharmaceutical or pharmaceutical clean room system, the gap of your main concern, prevents the door and how these clean room doors. But about the idea of the door is that it is more affected by your needs of people, personnel and materials, rather than its relationship with the cleaning level. So you really want is a great advantage of the flexible wall system that they can mix the requirements of the door with the walls and ceiling systems so they will not be decided by the system you purchased and the doors you need.

Just like the modular panel developed by clean room, the clean room door plays an important role in protecting, compliance and safety of modular clean room environment.

Even if the basic functions of these doors remain unchanged, their difference provides a new angle, in ergonomics and layout. Safety, access control and automatic options are also an important feature and function of cleanroom doors.

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